The next Kansas Oxford House State Association meeting will be held Saturday, January 8 at 1pm in Salina, Kansas.

Meeting Agenda:

Principles and Traditions
Roll Call
Minutes and Emergency Minutes
Treasurer’s Report
Budget and Finance Report
I.T. Report
Alumni East Report
Alumni West Report
Re-Entry Report
World Council Report
F.O.R.A. Report
Housing Services East Report
Housing Services West Report
Revolving Loan Report
Chapter Summary Reports
Old Business
New Business
Chapter 16 4TK
Chapter 13 4TK
Wichita WCC Prom

The State Association was created to assist chapters within the State of Kansas in the expansion of new houses and to provide training and support. The members of the State Association shall consist of all Chapter Chairpersons, Association Officers, Committee Chairs, World Council Members and no more than one Alumni member for every three Chapters. In keeping with the Oxford House concepts, the State Association Shall not act as a governing body.

State Meeting Minutes


Emergency Meeting Minutes 6/4/21

May Meeting Minutes


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