MAT / MAR Training

In 2010, the Twelfth Annual World Council Convention in Chicago, Illinois passed the following resolution: “Be it Resolved: Each Oxford House shall have sole authority over acceptance of residents.”

What does this mean? Each individual Oxford House has the autonomy to vote in members who are utilizing Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) or Medically Assisted Recovery (MAR) as part of their pathway to recovery. If you are a house needing help figuring out how to implement this with your house procedures, check out this awesome MAT / MAR training that Chuck Liston and Ashley Hennessey put together over at F.O.R.A.

“Understanding MAT/MAR for Oxford House” by Chuck Liston, Ashley Hennessey, and Shane Hudson.

Oxford House Tradition 1 states, “Oxford House has as its primary goal the provision of housing and rehabilitative support for the addict and alcoholic who wants to stop using or drinking and stay stopped.”

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