Expecting Parents of Oxford House

This committee has been dissolved at the state level. Contact your local Chapter for resources or possible assistance.

This fund is to assist expecting parents of Kansas Oxford Houses to remain in their Oxford House after the birth of their new child while experiencing a loss of income due to taking parental leave. It is this committee’s hope that our new parents will be able to enjoy a stress-free bonding time with their new child and remain in their Oxford House.

Application Process:

We are no longer accepting applications for this funding source.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicant must be a member in good standing of a Kansas Oxford House for a minimum of 30 days, as verified by their house records or affirmation from one or more house mates.

Funding Guidelines:

  • EPOH loan is based off 50% EES for up to ten weeks of parental leave after the arrival of a new child.
  • The loan recipient must begin the repayment process within 60 days of returning to work. Their payment will be $20 per week (more if they desire or able) in addition to paying their weekly EES, until the loan amount is paid in full.
  • It is advised that the House place the member on a non-restrictive financial contract for the duration of the loan.
  • The loan recipient will make payments to the house, and the houses comptroller’s report should reflect the loan balances remaining. Upon the total repayment of the loan amount the house will write a check back to EPOH.
  • Any loans will be dispersed once the applicant’s application has been reviewed by the committee and their membership in good standing has been confirmed.
  • This loan is non-transferable in whole or part. If the loan applicant decides to move to another house, for what ever reason, the original house is responsible for the unpaid amount of the loan. If there is still a need the member may reapply.
  • In the event of the removal of the member or the voluntary departure of the member, the house assumes responsibility for the remainder of the loan.

It was determined that the assistance could best be offered by those closest to the situation, at house and chapter level.

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