Oxford House Manual   Oxford Chapter Manual   World Council Manual

House Forms:

Membership Application
House Minutes Form
Treasurer's Report
Coordinator's Report
House Audit
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Journal
Monthly Report Form
Recovery Plan
AA/NA Attendance Sheet
Acceptance Letter
Acknowledgement of House Rules
Bank Signer Change Form
Basic Parliamentary Procedures
Chore List
Chore List Alternate
Community Service Hours
Comptroller Duties
Comptroller Procedure
Contract for Disruptive Behavior
Coordinator Duties
Correcting Financial Problems
Expense Report
Expulsion Guidelines
Filling Vacancies
Fire Safety
Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Procedures
Golden Rules
Guest Expectations
House Check Up
House Conditional Charter Application
House President Duties
House Property List
House Residency Contract
How to Update your Vacancies
In Case of Emergency
Individual Boundary Guidelines
Individual Member Receivable Ledger
Interview Etiquette and Questions
Interview Questions
Interview Setup Sheet
Medical Information
My Plan for Recovery
Officer's Duties
Open House Guidelines
Oxford House Organization
Oxford House Presentations to Professionals
Permanent Charter Application
Presentation Preparation Outline
President Duties
Probation Guidelines
Property List
Secretary Duties
Shopping List
Sign Out Sheet
Three Rs
Treasurer Duties
Treasurer Procedure
Treasurer's Report
UA Log
Website Update
Working With the New Member

Chapter Forms
Chapter Minutes
Chapter Charter Application
Chapter Audit
Bank Signer Change Form
Basic Parliamentary Procedures
Chapter Chairperson Duties
Chapter House Activity Report
Chapter HSR Meeting Minutes
Chapter Meeting Agenda
Chapter Recognition Application
Chapter Secretary Duties
Chapter Summary Report
Chapter Tax Status
Chapter Vacancy Report
Expense Report
Fundraising Procedure
House Rating Report
New House Loan Application
Presentation Preparation Outline
Three Principles

State Forms
Expense Report
Fundraising Procedure
Protecting Finances
Role In State Association
State Association Meeting Minutes
State Association Meeting Procedure
State by-laws
State Dues Ledger
State Financial Status Report
Traditions Poster

Housing Services Forms
House Rating Report
House Residency Contract
House Services
Housing Services Committee Packet
Housing Services Communication
Housing Services Duties
HSC Chair Duties
HSC Notes
Individual Boundary Guidelines
Safety Checklist
Signs of Sick House
Steps to Opening A New House